Nova Aetas: Dark Renaissance Arrives on Kickstarter

November 29, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Nova Aetas KS

A very cool, new tactical wargame has hit Kickstarter in the alternative Renaissance universe- Nova Aetas: Dark Renaissance Tactical Game! This new game by Ludas Magnus Studio looks really great and offers a fantastic range of game play.

Nova Aetas contents

The setting of Nova Aetas is an important part of the game and the artists have determined to get a great blend of fantasy and real-world Renaissance elements. With this concept in mind, each model has been designed with the goal of giving a subtly darker fantasy appearance that is still recognizable as Renaissance Italy.

This game is designed as a modular campaign with 30 plus linked scenarios and can be played solo or as a cooperative game. It has a really innovative driving mechanism with the Horlogium (Game clock). This provides an action management system based on the passage of time, providing you with dynamic and exciting game sessions.

Nova Aetas Horlogium

The enemy is AI based, so no game master is required and the game drives itself with each turn.

NA minis

And just look at these mini's! They look quite stunning and offer a very interesting feel with each choice!

NA female mini

NA male mini

Care to journey into Nova Aetas in this beautiful Kickstarter?

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