Oathsworn Paint Up More Of Their Animal Heroes

June 16, 2015 by brennon

If you're excited by the idea of Redwall then remain calm when you see what some of the finished models look like by Oathsworn Miniatures for their Burrows & Badgers project. They also showed off some of what's coming next!

Painted Heroes

Two of the models from their recent Kickstarter have been painted up; Grimnir One-Eye and Nate the Wanderer. Both look fantastic and I think it makes the models all the more impressive that the painted versions have come out so nicely. It certainly makes me want them in my collection all the more.

Grimnir One Eye

Nate The Wanderer

I particularly like that they've gone with a more 'realistic' looking paint scheme for the models instead of the cartoony brightness you might have expected from models like these. I think it gives them an edge and stand out from other ranges like this.

New Stuff

As well as the painted models above they have also been working on some new models including the Hobbe Sisters and a new wave which should also be coming to Kickstarter soon I warrant...

The Hobbe Sisters

The Next Wave

The Hobbe Sisters are looking like a perfect trio for your warband to go up against in scenario based games. I think it would be fun to have you encounter them in the wilds and have to deal with their magic meddling.

The new range is looking great too and I want to see more of both that Hare and the Fox/Wolf at the top.

Did you pledge for the Burrows & Badgers campaign?

"I particularly like that they've gone with a more 'realistic' looking paint scheme for the models..."

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