Old School Chaos Warriors Coming To 7TV Fantasy

May 12, 2020 by brennon

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Crooked Dice are keeping up the previews for their 7TV Fantasy range as they revealed a band of Evil Warriors by Andrew May and painted by Simon Bradley. Check them out!

Old School Chaos Warriors #1 - Crooked Dice

Currently, there is a set of three and each of them would not look out of place in an Oldhammer setting. If you're looking to unleash some mighty warriors on your heroes, or perhaps use them as the anti-heroes of your next campaign then these would be a lot of fun!

-5ebaa99abe0c0--5ebaa99abe0c1Old School Chaos Warriors #2 - Crooked Dice.jpg

I do love the idea of playing as a band of Chaos Heroes in your games of 7TV Fantasy rather than the shining paragons of virtue that you normally see in the mix. The way they've been sculpted lends them nicely to being painted in big block colours and then a little bit of edge highlighting.

Are you going to be picking up this set of miniatures for use in 7TV or perhaps a different game?

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