Orktel O Haz Nu Orc Dizkountz 4 Orc Munth!

May 24, 2019 by cassn

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Oi-oi, Gitz! Forget about er puny Artel W, itz Orktel O now! Kunnin` Orcs infiltrated and takin` kontrol!


Iz time ta get ya sum exzellent orcs, n orctel gots us big, strong, super orc teams! Skawt`n`Rekkon Skwad, dey Kammandah, Mozzt Kunnin` Morggoth and Hangry, Da Boss Pet - all of dem diskounted for orc munth!


Jist luk how kul deese orcs r - much kuler than dem other minis Artel W wuz sellin. Dey dinnit even have gud armor - luk how much armor dis guy haaz:


C? Orcs r much better dan dem other minis. Orcs dont even need armor really cos dey de best at fighting anyway. We'z even gud at camuflage and sneakin up on u lik dis soldier


U probably cant even c him cuz orks r so gud at hidin, but hez there, promiz. All dem available to purchaze now at Artel webzite (orcz don`t know how ta change domain, arrrrgh!)

Wotz better: Orcs oor stoopid not orcs?

"Jist luk how kul deese orcs r!"

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