OS Miniatures Create Unique Robots Of The Far Future

September 24, 2018 by brennon

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OS Miniatures is on Kickstarter right now with just under two weeks left on the campaign as they look to bring their Robots From The Future to life.

Robots From The Future Main Image - OSM

The range of robot that are currently available have been designed to look like the ones you might have picked up during the late 80s and leary 90s. With everyone getting a bit of that nostalgia hit at the moment from a range of games these might find a home in all manner of worlds.

Robots From The Future #1 - OSM

The designs are also purposefully avoiding all defined scales. That means that these would look great was walkers during a 6mm game but also equally at home within a 32mm wasteland blasting mutants into chunks.

Robots From The Future #2 - OSM

The models somewhat remind me of the Vogons from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy or the strange alien creatures that you see at the start of Fifth Element. As with many of these old-school models, these are going to be an acquired taste but they have already been snapped up by enough people on Kickstarter.

Here you can see them in their natural habitat...a Medieval village.

Robots From The Future Alt - OSM

I think I'd actually take these and drop them into a post-apocalyptic world rather than one from the grimdark far future.

Robots From The Future Other - OSM

You could see them adorned in crazy colour schemes like these, or just completely covered in rust, battling to try and survive out in the wasteland. Maybe they rebelled against their masters and are now rampant, hunting down all humans!

Will you be checking out this campaign?

"Maybe they rebelled against their masters and are now rampant, hunting down all humans!"

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