Osprey Games Help Us Build Armies For Upcoming Oathmark

February 4, 2020 by brennon

Osprey Games has been delving into a bit of army building for Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age. With lots of plastic and metal now available they thought it would be best to give us an indication as to how many models you'll need to start battling in this game.

Oathmark Sample Army - Osprey Games

This is a 2,500 army (or thereabouts, without the addition of magical items) which has been made up of an alliance of Goblins, Dwarves and Elves. This has been designed to show off the array of options available to you when you combine different factions together within your campaigns of kingdom building.

In this way, you are encouraged to try and experiment with all sorts of different factions when building your army. Want some alternative cavalry options? Look to the Goblins. Want some deadly archers to support your force? Bring in the help of the Elves. It also starts to tell a story of alliances, be they firm or fragile, between the different factions within your kingdom.

2,500 is around the right points cost for a standard game of Oathmark so, as you can see you only need a few boxes of plastic miniatures and maybe a handful of metal characters to get going properly. Thanks to the options available in the plastic kits you could make a lot of smaller units from one set and then build them up over time.

Oathmark Army Planner - Osprey Games

With this kind of points cost working for a larger clash you can see how maybe one or two boxes of miniatures allows you to play out a smaller engagement around the 500/750 points cost. This is certainly a tantalising teaser and I am very interested to see how things develop when you start throwing monsters and more into the mix!

How big is your Oathmark army so far?

"I am very interested to see how things develop when you start throwing monsters and more into the mix!"

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