War Banner Paint Up New Samurai Models For Warring Clans

June 13, 2018 by brennon

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The team at War Banner, the minds behinds the awesome Gangs Of Rome, have been painting up some of their Samurai figures for their Warring Clans range...and they are looking superb.

Samurai - War Banner

We'll start with a range of different Samurai that will be leading the way into battle. The first above is armed with the regular katana but others get access to various weapons like the naginata...

Samurai With Naginata - War Banner

...and of course, accomplished bowmen are amongst the ranks of the Samurai.

Samurai Archer - War Banner

I'm sure there might be a few inaccuracies amongst the movie, but The Last Samurai gave me an appreciation for how the Samurai fired their bows. It always looked so elegant and patient, and yet deadly at the same time. You could imagine this fellow being stoic and silent as he fires his bow after years of practice.

Not all warriors of the period are so regimented however and that's where the Ronin figure came in; one of the more recent previews.

Ronin - War Banner

You might recognise this fellow from something. Post down below in the comments if you can guess the character! I've always loved the idea of Ronin, wandering Samurai without a master who are looking to either find a new path in life or simply become mercenaries for hire.

What do you think of the War Banner collection now you've seen some painted?

"I've always loved the idea of Ronin, wandering Samurai without a master..."

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