Paper & 3D Printable Terrain Haul Live On Humble Bundle!

January 14, 2022 by fcostin

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There's a new bundle for those interested in building their own worlds at home! Whether your hobby may be 3D Printing, Papercraft, RPG or miniature wargaming, Humble Bundle got you covered in their recent partnership with Fat Dragon Games.

Dragonlock - Humble Bundle

Dragonlock & Ravenfell Bundle // Humble Bundle

As I have recently picked up 3D Printing as a hobby, I have realised how addictive it is! The ability to just print what I want to within my hobby to build and paint. However, that comes with a price-tag. But this bundle of goods will provide you with 37 different types of files for just £13.34.

That includes a 3D Printed 50-tile modular castle, a wide range of modular tiles, scatter and miniatures. But that doesn't stop there, if you have an interest in papercraft, there are tons of different paper terrain options too - all perfect for a fantasy world on your tabletop. Both full buildings and scatter terrain - which are editable graphic files to print on cardstock. Plus a sturdy Castle DM Screen for your RPG campaigns.

There are 37 different items available to download, for now, all adding up to a retail price of £236.87. And luckily for you, you can head on over to the platform and download all of the items for £13.34.

If you did not want to rake in all of the items as part of the campaign, you can choose a smaller bundle for less money. But if you are taking advantage of the deal and want to take home all of the goods, you are welcome to add some extra on top of your payment which will then be divvied out across the creator, the Humble Bundle platform and their provided charity. Which in this case, is the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

The deal is only up for a limited amount of time. With 20 days left on the clock! So if you are tempted by the limited deal, be sure to check out the whole range on Humble Bundle.

And did I mention the selection of Owlbears? Like a Daddy Owlbear, and his two Chubs! 

"That includes a 3D Printed 50-tile modular castle, a wide range of modular tiles, scatter and miniatures..."

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