Para Bellum Outline Dweghom Releases For September

September 9, 2019 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames is now focused on releasing the Dweghom into the world of Conquest at the end of September and here's what you can get to start off your army.

Hold Raegh - Conquest

Of course, leading the way you have the Hold Raegh that we've looked at before alongside the Ardent Kerawegh who acts as another commander figure within your army.

Ardent Kerawegh - Conquest

Then, we have the backbone of your force which will be made up using this dual kit for both the Hold Warriors...

Hold Warriors - Conquest

...and the Hold Ballistae. This means you can either use the set to make larger units of each or, split it up and make smaller units to get two regiments out of the one kit. This does mean in the future once you've got a good solid array of units on the tabletop you can add to them easily from the one box.

Hold Ballistae - Conquest

As I've said before, I am liking the look of what they've been doing here with these kits. The arms and armour of the Dweghom all feel functional and made to fit the task of warfare. Even their standard comes with a bloomin' big blade on the top of it!

Finally, we have the Flame Berserkers who are deadly warriors who have embraced the fire inside them and are now one with the elements.

Flame Berserkers - Conquest

If the raging heat emanating from their bodies doesn't get you then their deadly weapons will. These are warriors who have given over everything to anger and war so you do not want to be facing them when they arrive on the battlefield.

Are the Dweghom tempting you?

"Are the Dweghom tempting you?"

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