Take Aim With Para Bellum’s Grizzled Crossbowmen

March 1, 2019 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames has shown off one of the additional unit boxes which will be available for Conquest when the game launches this year. Meet the Mercenary Crossbowmen of the Hundred Kingdoms.

Conquest Mercenary Crossbowmen - Para Bellum Wargames

These heavily armoured soldiers bring some dangerous weapons to the tabletop, piercing the armour of the enemy and bringing down monsters with many a salvo. Here's more of the background...

"The most reliable and famous (as well as wealthiest) of such companies are the Geronese Free Companies. These companies are the spiritual descendants of the crossbow armed mercenaries that the infamous mercenary captain, Danilo Meck, found instrumental in keeping his enemies from the walls of his camp, and in time from the city of Gerona that grew there.

While they do not possess a monopoly on the weapon design or its use, centuries of experience with the manufacture, use and repair of these deadly devices, have granted the Geronese a tremendous advantage. While many mercenary companies boast a complement of crossbowmen in their employ, few can match the versatility, fire drill or accuracy of the Geronese.

Their extensive training and broad range of equipment allow them the use of heavy arbalests in defensive formations for siege battles, as well as the use of lighter weapons while ranging in advance of the army as skirmishers."

The miniatures are shaping up nicely for Conquest and we can't wait to see more of the game on the tabletop.

Will you be playing as the Hundred Kingdoms?

"...bringing down monsters with many a salvo"

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