Peter’s Paperboys Build A Confederation Of The Rhine Army

June 13, 2019 by brennon

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Peter's Paperboys are continuing to offer up new 2D armies for use in tabletop battles over on the new webstore. One of the latest additions into the mix was the massive collection of soldiers for making a Confederation Of The Rhine force.

Confederation Of The Rhine Infantry - Peters Paperboys

This latest collection brings together a number of different sheets allowing you to make a force of Napoleon's German allies that fought in Spain. The entire bundle contains...

  • Westphalian Infantry
  • Baden Infantry Centre Company
  • Ben Flank Companies Nassau Grenadiers
  • Nassau Infantry
  • Hesse-Darnstadt Infantry
  • Dutch Infantry
  • Dutch Infantry & Various Mounted Officers
  • Confederation Artillery
  • 3D Artillery

...and all of the bases that you need to put these soldier onto as well as you can see here. This entire force can be downloaded from their website for a mere £8 and then can be reprinted as many times as you like. This seems like a pretty easy way to make massive armies to use in games like Black Powder!

Ancient Options

As well as these new Napoleonic offerings the webstore has also played host to lots of Ancient releases too like the Carthaginian African Elephants...

Carthaginian African Elephants - Peters Paperboys

...and this set of Commanders & Priests which can be used as characters in your force.

Commanders & Priests - Peters Paperboys

Once again, when you've printed these off you are able to use them multiple times. They might not be as dynamic as a 3D model but this is a really good way to get yourself stuck into Historical wargaming without having to set forth a lot of cash.

As you might have guessed by the name of the company, the artwork featured across these forces is by Peter Dennis who has been working in the industry for a long time and provides the cover art for a lot of Warlord and Osprey products.

"This seems like a pretty easy way to make massive armies to use in games like Black Powder!"

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