Pinups & Satan Back For Kingdom Death In Black Friday Sale

November 28, 2014 by brennon

Kingdom Death have embraced Black Friday and not only have some additional Pinups of Death sets back on the webstore at a special price but also Satan has returned too!

White Speaker

Pinups of Death

The Pinups of Death set is one that we love and the plastic miniatures within are exquisite looking sculpts. Say what you want about the actual theme itself from Kingdom Death but they do make some beautiful looking miniatures. The White Speaker above is just one of the women within.

We even had a look at this set on camera and you can watch our unboxing of it HERE.


Satan Pack

Satan is also part of their Black Friday deal and is a special Kingdom Death offering. As we said when we first checked out Satan it's quite the interesting miniature with quite a lot of tongues on display, as well as some rather more suspect organs on her dress.

The miniatures and world of Kingdom Death feels like it's been dragged right out of some of the strangest anime dreams and indeed something like Dante's Inferno. I could see these characters wandering around in the various circles of Hell.

Will you be hitting up Kingdom Death for Black Friday?

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