Plasma Guns & Retributors; Kromlech’s August Releases

August 3, 2020 by brennon

Kromlech has a boatload of awesome bits to drop into the mix for the month of August. This time around they have been focusing on their Prime Legionaries range and also a little bonus for those who are fans of the Retributors from Astartes.

Prime Legionaries Bionic Bodies Running - Kromlech.jpg

Prime Legionaries Bionic Bodies Running // Kromlech

As there are so many of these bits for us to look through, we're just going to list them out here starting with the bodies and legs they have on offer. These bodies that we're kicking off with are great "blank slates" for you to just do what you want with and tinker to your heart's content.

Prime Legionary Bodies - Kromlech.jpg

Prime Legionary Bodies // Kromlech

Prime Legionaries Bodies Running - Kromlech.jpg

Prime Legionaries Bodies Running // Kromlech

And, if the heat of the battlefield just isn't hot enough for you then Kromlech also have a few different variations on the Plasma Rifle for you to check out as well. Come and take a peek at some of the configurations.

Prime Legionary Plasma Rifle - Kromlech.jpg

Prime Legionary Plasma Rifle // Kromlech

Prime Legionaries Heavy Plasma Rifles - Kromlech.jpg

Prime Legionary Heavy Plasma Rifles // Kromlech

Prime Legionaries Assault Plasma Rifle - Kromlech.jpg

Prime Legionaries Assault Plasma Rifle // Kromlech

For when your Plasma Rifles just aren't cutting it, you can also pick up some of these rather fancy bombs and grenades to throw at your opponents on the battlefield.

Legionaries Bombs & Grenades - Kromlech.jpg

Legionaries Bombs & Grenades // Kromlech

Oh, and when you eventually end up blowing your own limbs off because of all of these very dangerous weapons, the medics will then look at fitting you with some Bionics as you can see here.

Prime Legionaries Bionic Arms - Kromlech.jpg

Prime Legionaries Bionic Arms // Kromlech

There are plenty of fun new bits for you to check out. I think Kromlech has one of the biggest selection of bits out there for making your own grimdark miniatures and I bet you could have a lot of fun just picking up a bunch of packs and making fun characters.

Astartes Retributor Chapter Torsos

As well as the bits for their standard Prime Legionaries you can also pick up a new set of Retributor Chapter Torsos based on the Astartes short film.

Retributor Chapter Torsos - Kromlech.jpg

Retributor Chapter Torsos // Kromlech

If you were suitably inspired by that short and wanted to make your very own Chapter based on the characters from it then this is your avenue towards doing so! These are 100% official and made using the creators blessing so they should be spot on lore-wise.

Are you tempted by these new bits and pieces from Kromlech?

"Are you tempted by these new bits and pieces from Kromlech?"

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