Pokemon Heads To McDonald’s – Match Battle Sets In Happy Meals

August 17, 2022 by fcostin

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Didn't I tell you that it's in the best interest of The Pokemon Company to start off with players young in the Pokemon Gym? All jokes asside, heading into Happy Meals from yesterday at McDonald's; those keen on swaging a small pack of Pokemon Cards will find a "Match Battle" embedded amongst their nuggets and chips.

Pokemon Match Battle - Mcdonald's And Pokemon International Company

Pokemon Match Battle // McDonald's And The Pokemon Company

McDonald's has officially announced the return of the pokemon theme into their restaurants, this year bringing a small game pack, spinner and coin for a new generation of younger players. To train up and test the ground before venturing off into the wide world of the trading card game.

Players will be able to find and catch six different Pokemon, including Smeargle, Bewear, Rowlet, Victini, Drampa, Pikachu and Cutiefly. This means that players will more than likely need to return if they want the full set. Focusing predominately on Gen 7, and of course not forgetting about the iconic yellow who has been there since day 1!

Match Battle Preview - Pokemon

Match Battle Preview // Pokemon

I have such fond memories of my mum heading out to Woolworths, asking for one more pack to stuff into my collection folder. My mum was the first opponent I faced in the Pokemon Gym. And although she never took in the game to the extent I may have. The encouragement of my parent to invest in time playing with me each time I returned with new cards was a gift I will never forget.

For parents to sit down during their meal to learn and play a game, that their child can expand onto if they choose is a delightful premise from Pokemon, which hopefully will recruit some younger members to join the pocket monster craze.

The sets are available throughout the UK and Canada at the moment, so if you are outside of these areas you are out of luck. Hopefully, we do not see these packets being hoarded later on eBay!

Speaking of McDonald's jumping on the 90s Hype Train - does anybody still have their Beanie Babies? 

"Players will be able to find and catch six different Pokemon as part of the Match Battle campaign..."

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