Pre-Orders For Mortal Gods Core Box & More Available

January 15, 2019 by brennon

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War Banner has now listed up all of the pre-order options for those wanting to get stuck into Mortal Gods, their new skirmish game set in the era of Ancient Greece.

Mortal Gods Core Box - War Banner

The Core Set comes with all the things you need to get started in Mortal Gods. As well as the rulebook and card decks for the characters and their actions on the tabletop there's also the custom dice, tokens AND two warbands of plastic Ancient Greeks which could be used to represent Spartans and Athenians during the period thanks to Victrix.

As with all good Core Sets though the contents could then be combined together to create one warband if you're looking to head out on this adventure by yourself, to begin with. Each warband is led by a heroic Lochagos and games are set up in interesting scenarios with campaign progression if you like too!

This game could well find itself becoming something played in the OnTableTop Visitors Centre as I know some of the crew and community have their eyes on this game.

Will you be getting the Core Set?

"I know some of the crew and community have their eyes on this game..."

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