Pre-Orders Available For Seven Days To The River Rhine

March 14, 2019 by brennon

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Great Escape Games are now taking pre-orders for Seven Days To The River Rhine, a new ruleset for battles set during the 1980s in any scale.

Seven Days To The River Rhine - Great Escape Games

This set of rules is meant to be fast to play, simulating combat in this warzone where the Cold War has turned hot. There are rules for large amounts of armour and infantry and that important thing to mention once again is that it works with a variety of different scales.

A lot of their focus has gone towards making sure that the game works in a multiplayer format as well where one person at the table is acting as the overall commander where other players are then trusted to enact these plans.

Quick and simple activation rules should make for a dynamic game too. If you're looking for an alternative rule set to test, this might be worth exploring.

The game will be available at Salute and everyone from April 4th.

Will you be trying this out?

" works with a variety of different scales"

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