Snag Yourself A Pair Of Pre-Painted Dragons From WizKids

May 22, 2020 by brennon

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WizKids has been showing off some more of their pre-orders for this month beyond the WarLock Tiles we looked at earlier in the week. Here we have some new additions to the Pathfinder Battles range with their City of Lost Omens: Adult Red & Black Dragons.

Pathfinder Battles Red & Black Dragons - WizKids

This set is part of their premium collection and gives you two massive dragons for you to include in your games. I adore dragons and think they are some of the coolest things ever so I always get excited when I see someone releasing new versions for dungeon delving adventures.

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As you can see from the image above, the dragons are pretty big and stand tall next to some of the regular adventurers in the Pathfinder Battles range. I think it's good that they're not too big because you want that scale reserved for the ancient dragons out there! The pre-paint quality of these looks really good too and with a quick wash across the entire model, I think they'd pop.

Pathfinder Battles Black Dragon - Wizkids

Dragons might feel like they are overdone in dungeon-delving games but I think there is something special about coming up against one of these beasts. I think that you just need to tweak things a little bit and make sure that your dragons a little smarter than big dumb beasts. Make encounters with them be as much about their dragon's smarts as it is about cutting them down with swords and spells.

I also think that making the environment that you fight dragons in interesting is also important. Don't just have them fighting in a cave or open fields; throw the adventurers onto an airship or in the middle of a city where the dragon is wreaking havoc amongst the townsfolk. Suddenly you have to think about things other than battling the dragon.

I made my players fight a Blue Dragon on the water aboard a boat. They accidentally broke its bonds (it was chained up in the bottom of the boat). It absolutely smashed its way out of the boat which of course meant they had to battle with escaping it as well as fighting the dragon! Then, the dragon dived into the water and so it became a terrifying case of avoiding its jaws from below!

What do you think of these two dragons from WizKids?

"What do you think of these two dragons from WizKids?"

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