WizKids Prep New Pre-Painted WarLock Tiles Dungeons

May 20, 2020 by brennon

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WizKids has no fired started up pre-orders for their new terrain which offers up a cheaper pre-painted option for dungeon delvers. The new WarLock Tiles system allows you to make quick and easy dungeon and roleplaying layouts which actually look pretty darn good.

-5ec4e918843ab--5ec4e918843acWarlock Tiles - WizKids.jpg

The core of their current collection focuses on two different base packs. The first of these is Town & Village whilst the second is Dungeon Tiles I. Both of these give you the base layer that you'll then add too as you craft your dungeons and throw in more scenery.

-5ec4e915cae68--5ec4e915cae69Towns & Villages - WizKids.jpg

Each set of terrain uses an easy plug and play option which clips together easily and also makes things very modular. Also, a selection of the tiles (for example, the floors) are double-sided so you can mess around with both wood and stone dependant on the layout that you desire.

The design allows you to play around with classic layouts but also allows you to do something quirky too. They have said that they have used the low walls to make the sets playable plus offset walls so your figures can fit into any space. You've also got ultra-slim interior walls so that they don't impact on gameplay.

Dungeon Tiles 1 - WizKids

Beyond these two core sets, you've also got a lot of little scenery packs which can be used to embellish your tabletop. You could, of course, throw down one of these basic layouts above but that's no fun!

Making Cool Dungeons

There are a variety of different expansion packs which throw in more working doors, wall sections, defences and more.

-5ec4e91a996e6--5ec4e91a996e7Warlock Tiles Expansion Pack 1 - WizKids.jpg

The Dungeon Dressings set is my favourite with its barrels, chairs, tables, stone tablets, statues and the like. You want to drop this kind of thing into the mix so your players root around in everything and set off all the traps!

Dungeon Dressings - WizKids

There are a few more options in the mix as well but I think this is a great starting point for someone who needs tiles and terrain to make their games pop. I must admit, I have often looked at the likes of Dwarven Forge but it always feels very expensive. This WarLock Tiles collection comes in at $99 for each of the core sets features above plus around $50 for the add-on packs.

For pre-painted and "ready-to-play" terrain, this really isn't that bad at all. Considering the expenditure for roleplaying games is very low once you've got the books you need, this is the kind of thing that I could see a lot of Dungeon Masters and players picking up to support their group.

What do you make of these WarLock Tiles?

"...this is the kind of thing that I could see a lot of Dungeon Masters and players picking up to support their group"

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