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Cubicle 7 Give Heroes A Life Well Lived In New RPG Supplement


Cubicle 7 announced a new addition to their Vault 5E collection. A Life Well Lived will be coming to Kickstarter soon featuring ways to enhance the lives of your heroes beyond the dungeon delving antics they get up to as adventurers. 

Loke Battle Mats Announce An Immense Campaign For Digital Maps


Loke Battle Mats have been producing amazing physical products for some time now. If you want tiles, boxed adventures, or books of various sizes in various genres, then they have you covered and now, for those who play remotely through virtual tabletops, a campaign is starting next week that will blow your +5 socks off.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Weird But Wonderful? Diving Into Lloyd’s New Fantasy Army


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we dive into a discussion on some of the hobby we've been working on. Warren is a dungeon designer, Ben has been tinkering with the grimdark in The Mortal Realms and Lloyd has been working on crafting his own new Fantasy army for use in Oathmark and beyond.

Dungeons & Dragons Frameworks | COMPARING WARGAMING UNFAIRLY


Cult Of Games XLBS: The Big Bad Dungeon Master; Has The D&D Bubble Properly Popped?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're joined by both Lloyd and Warren who chat through their thoughts on Games Workshop AND we delve into the murky waters around the announcements from Wizards Of The Coast for D&D and how that could expand into the wider tabletop gaming world.

Pre-Order Uncharted Journeys & Add To Your D&D Adventures


Cubicle 7 is now taking pre-orders for Uncharted Journeys, the awesome 5th Edition D&D supplement that they took to Kickstarter which offered up new rules for travelling and exploration in your roleplaying games. 

Community Spotlight: Genestealer Cult Armies, German Submarines & Mighty Tiamat!


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at an army for the Genestealer Cults, a big German Submarine and finish off with the mighty Tiamat!

Cult Of Games XLBS: It’s Giftmas! Unwrapping Our Tabletop Gaming Gifts!


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this show, we're doing a big Christmas unwrapping and unboxing thanks to one of our community members, horati0nosebl0wer! We have a wealth of stuff to show off and we're very happy indeed.

Tyranny Of Dragons Adventure Re-Releases For D&D Next Year


Wizards Of The Coast are going to be re-releasing two adventures from the early days of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition in a bumper book next year. Tyranny Of Dragons will offer up a great way for you to get started in D&D with the combining of two big adventures.

Unboxing: Epic Encounters – Barrow Of The Corpse Crawler | Steamforged Games

10 months ago 2

Gerry gets stuck into an Unboxing of the Barrow Of The Corpse Crawler Epic Encounters set from Steamforged Games. This comes with excellent 32mm scale Fantasy miniatures that are perfect for Dungeons & Dragons. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Does Game Balance Actually Matter?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, Gerry talks about his plans for expanding Kings Of War armies AND we get into a debate about tabletop game balance and whether or not it is actually as essential as people believe.

New Star Wars Miniatures Game! Shatterpoint; Is The Force With These Big New Minis? #OTTWeekender

11 months ago 50

It's OTT Weekender time! A new Star Wars miniatures game has been revealed! Star Wars: Shatterpoint is coming from the folks at Atomic Mass Games in 2023 and features small-scale squad-based games between characters like Anakin, Assaj, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Dooku, Maul and more. Is The Force with Atomic Mass Games and their new game?

Draco Studios Add Even MORE Dragons To Your D&D Adventures


Draco Studios are now live on Kickstarter looking to fund their new D&D 5th Edition book, Itza's Guide To Dragonbonding! If you ever thought that Dungeons & Dragons was lacking when it came to the dragons part then this book is here to solve your problems!

Unboxing: Epic Encounters – Hive Of The Ghoul-kin | Steamforged Games


An Unboxing of the Epic Encounters - Hive Of The Ghoul-kin set from Steamforged Games. A perfect set for those plotting interesting Dungeons & Dragons encounters and in need of some inspiration. 

Draco Studios Add Epic Dragon Rules To 5th Edition With New Guide


Draco Studios love dragons. It's in their name! So, it makes sense that they would be coming to Kickstarter soon with their new project, Itza's Guide To Dragonbonding. This is going to be a big new tome that will be useful alongside 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. 

Pre-Order Free League’s The Lord Of The Rings: Roleplaying 5E


Free League Publishing are now taking pre-orders for The Lord Of The Rings: Roleplaying 5E, a supplement that adds the world of Middle-earth to the successful Dungeons & Dragons system! You can get your hands on the core book and more right now...

SAGA Is Great But Is Age Of Alexander? + Blood & Plunder Gaming Piracy in Plastic! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Firelock Games have shown off a new Blood & Plunder 2-Player Starter Set that's as large as a pirate's chest of loot! Two full crews of 28mm miniatures are accompanied by TWO Sloops for you to take to the high seas with.

Mantic Launches New Range Of RPG Dungeon Adventures In A Box


Mantic Games have an incredibly varied range of terrain and scatter and they have realised that by revisiting the Terrain Crate series and expanding on it they can put together a box of everything a Games Master needs to run an adventure.

Snap Up Dark Dice Dungeon Delving Adventurers From Strata!


The Kickstarter is now live for Dark Dice - The Miniatures Range by Strata Miniatures. This allows you to snap up some of the awesome characters from the Dark Dice Actual Play show and get your hands on an excellent take on Jeff Goldblum's (yes, that Jeff!) character, Balmur.

7 Days Left! Dive Into Cubicle 7’s Vault 5E: Uncharted Journeys


Cubicle 7 has one week left over on Kickstarter for their Uncharted Journeys project which looks to bring a set of travel rules and more to your games of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. 

EP89 Video Edition: Resistance, Malls & Madness


Historical & Fantasy Armies Made Easy With Fireforge; Ace For Kings Of War Wargaming? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Building a Kings Of War army? Why not have a look at the Historical & Fantasy armies from FireForge games that could make it easy to get wargaming with some ace-looking 28mm miniatures?

Cubicle 7 Launch Uncharted Journeys Kickstarter – Travel Rules For 5th Edition


Cubicle 7 has just launched their Kickstarter for Uncharted Journeys, a new Vault 5e supplement that can be used alongside Dungeons & Dragons. Make sure to check out the Kickstarter for yourself and prepare for a new adventure!

Intoximancy Unleashes A Drunk & Messy Wizard On D&D 5E!


If your Wizard seems to never leave off for an adventure without knocking back some flammable liquid - he may be interested to give Intoximancy a go! 

Dragon Shield Equip Spellcasters With The RPG Spell Codex


Bound in a Dragon Skin exterior, as a new home to safely contain and control your magic. 

Amazing Lord Of The Rings Terrain But Not By Games Workshop? We Wish They Made More! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We check out some amazing Lord Of The Rings wargaming terrain but it didn't come from Games Workshop! We really wish that they made more.

Map Building Design Software Haul On Humble Bundle


Pro Fantasy Software Ltd is providing a host of map resources for your roleplaying games, and a chance to embed them into your own creative design.

More Choice Than Warhammer! WW1 & WW2 Wargaming Armies You’ve Probably Never Played! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We look at some fantastic WW1 and WW2 Historical wargaming armies that we bet you've probably never played as on the tabletop. You certainly have more choice than with Warhammer!

The World Of Dragonlance Comes To D&D 5th Edition!


The world and stories of Dragonlance are going to finally be making their way to the tabletop with an official supplement for Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards Of The Coast. Dragonlance: Shadow Of The Dragon Queen is coming in December 2022.

Wizards Lay Out The Future Of D&D With One D&D Playtesting


Wizards Of The Coast yesterday dropped the big new roadmap for what's coming to Dungeons & Dragons over the next few years. 2024 will signal the release of new core books for D&D but they were quick to say that this isn't a new edition in the traditional sense.

Fancy A $350 D&D Dragon? Check Out WizKids’ Towering Balagos


Remember the mighty Balagos, Ancient Red Dragon that we talked about back in February? Well, this miniature (megature?) is available for you to snap up now from the folks at WizKids for use in your D&D games and beyond.

Add Jeff Goldblum & The Dark Dice Crew To Your Party With Strata!


Strata Miniatures, the creators of the awesome Dungeons & Diversity (see John's Painting Tutorial!) line of D&D roleplaying miniatures are coming back to Kickstarter soon with a brand new campaign. They are going to be working on Dark Dice - The Miniatures Range. And yes, that is Jeff Goldblum's character, Balmur! 

Explore The Mysteries & Madness Of Neverland In 5E Setting


Want to put a halt on growing up? Andrews McMeel Publishing has released a 5E Fantasy RPG setting that thrusts players into the world of Peter Pan.

Get Set For Space In Spelljammer Prequel Supplement


There's no need to jump the gun and pitch into the core book straight away upon release, there are missions to attend to first. 

5E Compatible Dark Fable & Fairy Tale Creatures In Twilight Fables


With content bursting at the seams, stripping the whimsy back to classic in a dark, dangerous and mysterious creatures lurk amongst the pages of Twilight Fables.

Join The City Watch RPG Patrolling Through One Hour Sessions!


If you are looking to sit through a whole roleplaying game within one hour, you may want to take a look at The City Watch for 5E.!

Pokemon-Like Creatures For RPGS In Battlezoo Eldamon!


Paizo Publishing's answer to befriending, training and battling alongside a fantasy creature during your journeys, brining 160 different Eldamon!

Cubicle 7 Announce Vault 5e & Uncharted Journeys For RPGs!


Cubicle 7 last week announced their new endeavour, Vault 5e. This upcoming series of releases has been designed to provide a bunch of new worlds and rules that work alongside the familiar ruleset of Dungeons & Dragons. This also meant a new book, Uncharted Journeys!

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Film Gets First Trailer


Could this new film, Honor Among Thieves, reverse the fortunes of D&D on the silver screen?

Expand Your RPG Into Magical Myth In A Folklore Bestiary


The people over at KNOCK! magazine have gone to Kickstarter to bring some inspiration and knowledge from our world in A Folklore Bestiary. 

An Easy Way To Light Up Your Tabletop Terrain?! + Spring Clean Challenge Winners! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're looking at an easy way to light up your tabletop terrain that we can't believe we didn't think of before! Check out the awesome Sci-Fi terrain up on Kickstarter!

Steamforged Reveal Local Legends Pledges For Kickstarter


With a whirlwind of pledges to choose from, plus a cheeky sneak peek at some Kickstarter Exclusives to celebrate the start of some Local Legends.

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