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New Starter Set Coming To 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons


Wizards Of The Coast recently previewed a new Starter Set that is coming to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. This new set, Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle, will be a new avenue for you to dive into some classic Fantasy roleplaying.

Spelljammer Returns With WizKids Icons Of The Realms Minis


WizKids have announced a ton of weird, wacky and zany characters for the release of Spelljammer. Bringing new characters big and small to Icons of the Realms.

WotC Announce Two Portable Campaign Cases Coming Summer


Which will aid in a Dungeon Master's planning and output when running a role-playing title. With some easy transportation too!

Dungeons & Dragons ‘Honor Among Thieves’ Film Details Confirmed


Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves has finally been announced with an all-star cast stepping up for some Hollywood-style Dungeon Crawling.

EP78 Video Edition: The full crew is back


Cult Of Games XLBS: Can You Deal With Tough Tabletop Games?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we dive into a range of hobby that we've been up to and ask about difficulty levels in tabletop games. Are people in search of a good challenge nowadays?

WizKids Announces Summer’s D&D Paint Night Kit Monster


The newest Paint Night Kit is on the horizon, encouraging painters new and old to strip back their technique and get stuck into an upcoming box of goodies. 

Take On Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel In D&D Soon!


A brand new supplement is on the way from Wizards Of The Coast for use with their Fantasy roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. Are you prepared to undertake Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel?

Community Spotlight: Yu Jing, Dungeon Doggies & Gladiators!


We dive into a new Community Spotlight this week where we check out Infinity, some dogs ready for a big adventure and a battle in a gladiatorial arena.

Steamforged’s Epic Encounters Visits The Hive Of The Ghoul-kin


Steamforged Games has added another of their Epic Encounters sets to their webstore this week. You can now pre-order the Hive Of The Ghoul-kin and Barrow Of The Corpse Crawler for use in your tabletop roleplaying games.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Tabletop Game Expansions; Where Do You Draw The Line?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're diving into the issue of tabletop game expansions. When is enough, enough? Where do you draw the line?

WizKids Showcase Their HUGE D&D Ancient Red Dragon


WizKids has been showing off one of their massive new pre-painted miniatures for those diving into Dungeons & Dragons. Here we have Balagos, Ancient Red Dragon, an Icon Of The Realm.

Kings Of War; The Coolest Fantasy Wargame? Storm In The Shires Is Pannithor Perfection #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Is Kings Of War from Mantic Games now the coolest Fantasy wargame? Has Storm In The Shires knocked it out of the park as Pannithor perfection?

Win A Unique D&D Adventure This Red Nose Day!


Red Nose Day has organised a session for Dungeons & Dragons fans in the name of entertainment!

250+ Beasts Coming To D&D In Upcoming Monsters Supplement


Providing neutrality across all the world, players can now pre-order their Monsters of the Multiverse book today, ready for release in May.

Critical Role’s The Legend Of Vox Machina Gets New Trailer


The team at Critical Role alongside the animation team at Titmouse are going to be bringing us The Legend Of Vox Machina a little earlier than we thought. The show has been moved up a whole week and will be premiering on Prime Video on 28th January.

MiniWarGaming’s Own EPIC Chaos Miniatures + Don’t Get Foam-o! Ace Hard Foam Terrain! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We check out MiniWarGaming's epic new Chaos Miniatures PLUS dive into the awesome world of Hard Foam Terrain!

Expand Into The Fey Realm With 60 New RPG Encounters!


There are some new 5e adventures up on Kickstarter from T.A Gray putting the Fey in the front and centre.

Head Back To School As The Doors To Strixhaven University Open


The doors to Strixhaven University is open, taken straight from the cards of Magic: The Gathering, players can enrol into their own magical multiverse adventure.

New Marvel RPG: Would You Pay To Playtest? + WOAH 3D Printed Knights & Cat Girls?! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! We talk about the upcoming Marvel superhero RPG and ask should you pay to playtest a rule set, and check out a fantastic new 3D sculptor as they start out!

Go Back To School: Adventures & Academia Live On Kickstarter!


Adventures & Academia: First Class is now up on Kickstarter, taking players into the magical halls of a mystical school as they enrol into mischief.

Irregular Magazine Summer Issue 2015


Irregular Magazine Spring Issue 2015


Irregular Magazine Issue11 2012


Irregular Magazine Issue 10 2011


Irregular Magazine Issue 9 2011


Irregular Magazine Issue 8 2011


Irregular Magazine Issue 3


Irregular Magazine Issue 2 2009


Irregular Magazine Issue 1 2009


The Hickman’s Skyraiders Of Abarax 5E RPG Soars Onto Kickstarter


Tracy and Laura Hickman are now on Kickstarter with their new Fantasy roleplaying world, Skyraiders Of Abarax. As well as being tied to the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, Skyraiders also features the Living Tome system which brings alternate reality technology into the mix at the tabletop.

HUGE Imperial Gold Dragon Goes On Pre-Order Over At WizKids


WizKids are at it again, with another stunning dragon to embed deep into our RPG campaigns. This month, bringing the Adult Gold Dragon Premium Figure into pre-order. 

A New Critical Role D&D Adventure! Call Of The Netherdeep


Want to explore more from the world of Exandria created by Matt Mercer for Critical Role? Well, a new D&D adventure is on the way with Call Of The Netherdeep being announced this week for Fantasy roleplayers. 

Resurrecting Rackham’s Confrontation + Orktober Arrivals! HUZZAH – We Hit 100K Subs! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time and we go big into the divide between Octobers two main themes Orcs and Spooks! We also dive into a fan-driven Indie as the Confrontation Club launches its app.

Community Spotlight: D&D Nostalgia, Dark Age Rules & World War I Germans


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week... ...make sure […]

Cult Of Games XLBS: Another One Bites the DUST! Why Doesn’t Weird World War Appeal To The Masses?


All aboard the hobby train as we get stuck into an episode of Cult Of Games XLBS hopefully we won't be derailed by our very own fat controller. We also ask why Weird World War never seems to gain traction with the wider community.

What’s Next for Wild West Exodus?! + Has Hero Forge Met A Worthy Opponent?! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We get a look at the brand new trailer for the Showdown at Retribution and talk about some exciting plans coming up for Wild West Exodus and our Global Gunslinger League!

D&D Rules Expansions Set + A New Edition On The Way!


Wizards Of The Coast has been holding their D&D Celebration event over the last few days. This has seen many groups putting together play sessions and also plenty of previews of what's coming up next for Dungeons & Dragons. One announcement was for the new Rules Expansion Gift Set.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Time To Return To The Tabletop – Are You Done With Digital Gaming?


Come and join us for another wander down conversation alley as we get stuck into an episode of Cult Of Games XLBS. We have hobby to chat about plus a discussion on digital tabletop gaming. 

Wizards Of The Coast Announce D&D Celebration 2021 Details


D&D Celebration brings together a wide community of incredible world crafters to celebrate our worlds wherever we choose to settle.

Will Deadzone Knockout 40K Kill Team? + Star Wars: Legion Gets MUCH Needed Update! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We ask an important question. Will the new edition of Deadzone from Mantic Games knock out 40K Kill Team? PLUS, Star Wars: Legion gets a BIG Update.

Mousefolk & Mandrakes Join 5E In Massive Unofficial Supplement


If you play D&D 5E, and want to add a little bit more depth to your human bard, or your elf druid - there is certainly a Kickstarter up for you that pushes the imagination to its furthest reach. With the whimsical 5E expansion - Spire of Secrets. 

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