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Nerdship Get Stuck Into Combat In How We Roll Episode 2


The second episode of Nerdship's Dungeons and Dragons adventure show How We Roll has gone live and the adventurers find themselves in the midst of combat!

Escape To Humblewood With Hit Point Press On Kickstarter


Hit Point Press is now on Kickstarter looking to fund a new campaign setting for 5th Edition. Welcome to Humblewood.

Retro Recall: Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition


Put down that pitchfork! Don't try to hide it behind your back, I can still see it. And don't think you're fooling anyone with that torch.

Weekender XLBS: Lloyd Joins The Furries & Games Changing Hands


We're talking furries, terrain crafting, project monitoring and trains (can you tell Lloyd is in the show?) today on Weekender XLBS!

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar – Warcry Announced & WIN Blackstone Fortress!

5 days ago 203

We're talking Warcry for Age Of Sigmar and LOTS of terrain with Battle Systems and TheTerrainTutor!

Roll For Insight: Dungeons & Dragons In Therapy


In this week's Roll for Insight, Sam looks at how tabletop RPGs like D&D can be used to supplement therapy sessions.

Nerdship Launch Their D&D Adventure In How We Roll


YouTube channel Nerdship have gathered together a group of actors and have started playing through a new Dungeons and Dragons adventure in the first episode of How We Roll.

Renegade Develop WizKids’ Wardlings World For 5th Edition


Renegade Game Studios are going to be working with WizKids to develop a supplement for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons that builds on their Wardlings line of miniature heroes.

Critical Role Breaks Kickstarter With Vox Machina Animation Project


The team behind the amazing Dungeons & Dragons Livestream, Critical Role, took to Kickstarter last week to fund their animation project for a Vox Machina-based special.

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Lance and John this week as we trawl through your community projects to see what you've been up to this week!

Weekender: WIN Dave Taylor’s New Book & NEW 4Ground Terrain


We've got a lot of folks to talk to this week and the 4Ground guys are in the studio with us too!

Young Adventurer’s Guides Coming For D&D!


Wizards Of The Coast are joining forces with Jim Zub, Stacy King and Andrew Wheeler to create a set of Young Adventurer's Guides.

Take On Seabound Adventures In D&D Ghosts Of Saltmarsh


Wizards Of The Coast have added a new Dungeons & Dragons adventure into the mix which will take your heroes onto the high seas. The Ghosts Of Saltmarsh are calling.

Cutesy Your Campaign With These Chibi D&D Monster Pins!


Are you a Bugbear inside? Is your soul really just a Rust Monster desperate to get out? Well, now you can carry your D&D alter-ego with you where ever you go with these cute chibi pins!

5E-Based Odyssey Of The Dragonlords Available For Free!


James Ohlen and Jesse Sky alongside Drew Karpyshyn who were old hands at BioWare (yes, that BioWare) have joined forces to create Odyssey Of The Dragonlords, a new world supplement for the 5E Dungeons & Dragons system and it's available for free.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join the gang discussing this week's Hobby Hangout projects.

Wyrmwood Release Official D&D Hero & Dice Vaults!


Wyrmwood Gaming are now official partners of Wizards Of The Coast, giving them the right to brand their products with the official Dungeons & Dragons seal!

The Future Of Tenfold Dungeon With Room 17


Sam sits down with Ricard and Anders from Room 17 to discuss the future plans and development for Tenfold Dungeon.

Weekender XLBS: Give A Friend Free Backstage & Ninja Division Fallout


We're discussing our hobby time, sharing and caring within the hobby and the failures of Kickstarter...

Weekender: Win 40K Shadowspear & GW TOP TRUMP?


We're chatting with Needy Cat Games today about their upcoming Newbury & Hobbes board game project and much more!

Stranger Things Themed D&D Starter Set On The Way!


Wizards Of The Coast and Hasbro have created a new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set themed after the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. 

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Ben and Lance as they dip their toes into some community hobby.

Weekender: WIN New Age Of Sigmar Two-Player BATTLEBOX & Roman RISK!


We delve down into some awesomeness from a full week of tabletop gaming on The Weekender as the folks from UK Games Expo join us in the studio.

Guzzle Down Prop Potions During Your D&D Adventures


Kevin & Megan Fannin are on Kickstarter looking for funding to create a set of lovely looking RPG Potions for use during your Dungeons & Dragons games. Check it out!

Let’s Play: D&D Vaedra’s Castle – Tenfold Dungeon


The wonderful folks at Room 17 Games bring the amazing Tenfold Dungeon into the studio for a game of D&D 5th Edition.

WizKids Fill D&D Dungeons Of The Mad Mage With Minis


WizKids have a new set of D&D Icons of the Realms miniatures, letting you fill up the game board to explore Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

Unboxing: Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Paint Set


The Army Painter have brought out the Official Dungeons & Dragons series of paints which is divided into two sets; today we're looking at the Monsters Paint Set.

Eye Of The Beholder: The Art Of D&D Film Releasing May 10th, 2019


I love Dungeons & Dragons and so it's always cool to see people talking about the game and enjoying it.

The Mountain Goats Announce D&D Inspired Album


Wizards Of The Coast teamed up with The Mountain Goats to talk about their new album, In League With Dragons, which is Dungeons & Dragons inspired. 

Steamforged Vote On Salute 2019 Critical Role Characters


Steamforged Games are taking votes for which Critical Role miniature you'd like to see on offer from them at Salute 2019.

Introducing Tenfold Dungeon by Room 17 Games


Sam sits down with Anders and Ricard from Room 17 Games to showcase their newest kickstarter coming on the 4th of February; Tenfold Dungeon.

D&D’s Aurinax & More Coming Soon From Gale Force Nine!


Gale Force Nine has dropped us a few awesome images of the new Dungeons & Dragons miniatures which will be hitting shelves in January and February.

Community Spotlight: Glowing Creepy Crawlies, Anime Warriors & Big Bones


We're back with a look at some of the brilliant work being done in our community project system today!

Retro Recall: D&D Choose Your Own Adventure Sticker Book


Ben takes a step back in time this week on Retro Recall as he looks at the D&D Choose Your Own Adventure Sticker Book which probably spurred on a lifelong love of Fantasy.

Galeforce Nine Showcase 2019 Releases


Galeforce Nine have announced their teaser for their 2019 release schedule.

Steamforged Reveal Three New Critical Role Characters To Vote On


Most folks will know that I’m a massive fan of Critical Role and so it was great when Steamforged Games got involved to produce a load of miniatures for the main characters and extended cast.

Hobby Hangout With Big Ben From 4Ground [Catch Up Now!]


Join Lance, Ben and Big Ben from 4Ground where we'll be looking through your projects and seeing what you've been up to this week.

Wizards’ Craft Some Ravnica Themed Dice For D&D


Wizards Of The Coast has been working away on some New Dice for you to use when you're playing games set in the world of Ravnica from Magic: The Gathering. 

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Ben, John and Lance as they trawl through the community projects to see what you've been up to this week!

Weekender XLBS: Worldbuilding & Storytelling In Role-Playing Games


We're talking Worldbuilding & Storytelling and some of the ways YOU can create some fascinating lands for your players to enjoy.

Weekender XLBS: Have Game Companies Lost Their Focus?


We're delving into some of our hobby discoveries from the past couple of weeks and also talking about whether or not the 'shotgun' approach to game design within the industry is helping or hindering companies.

Weekender XLBS: Recasting & The Effects Of Piracy


We get stuck into another meaty topic today as we're discussing the issue of recasting and piracy in the industry.

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