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December 30, 2022 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 is now taking pre-orders for Uncharted Journeys, the awesome 5th Edition D&D supplement that they took to Kickstarter which offered up new rules for travelling and exploration in your roleplaying games.

Uncharted Journeys - Cubicle 7 DEC

Uncharted Journeys // Cubicle 7

Travel can often be waved aside in your games of D&D but this book is absolutely packed with new rules for making it an integral part of your campaigns. Within, you'll find in-depth rules for travel in your games of D&D with roles for you to take when you're out in the wilderness (Scout or Hunter for example) as well as loads and loads of tables for Dungeon Masters to use when working out what fate awaits your daring heroes!

Uncharted Journeys #1 - Cubicle 7 DEC

Uncharted Journeys // Cubicle 7

As well as just covering the different terrain and environments that you might encounter on your travels, the book also comes packed with interesting NPCs for you to meet and mysterious ruins and dungeons for you to plunder. As a Dungeon Master who often needs a little bit of help when it comes to plotting out my adventures, a book like this is incredibly good as a toolbox!

Uncharted Journeys #2 - Cubicle 7 DEC

Uncharted Journeys // Cubicle 7

Here's a breakdown of what's included in Uncharted Journeys...

  • Easy to understand rules for journeys and exploration: Set the Route to your destination and determine how long (and how dangerous) the journey will be; Prepare by gathering supplies, securing mounts, and resting before the long road ahead; and finally, Make the Journey and experience strange and unique encounters along the way, and be forever changed by your experiences.
  • Rules for four key Roles required for a successful journey: the Outrider, the Quartermaster, the Sentry, and the Leader. Each Role has a unique ability that can be the difference between success and failure on the treacherous paths you travel.
  • Advice on which Classes are best suited to which Roles, as well as new rules for resting and recovering Class abilities while on a long journey.
  • New ways to create unique and interesting travellers you meet on the road: Where and when do you meet them? Are they friend or foe? Where are they going? Why are they travelling? What do they want?
  • Rules for creating countless ancient ruins that your party can discover: who built them, how old are they, and who lurks there now? Is it an archive containing forgotten elven lore, or was it created by an ancient civilisation for some sinister purpose?
  • Almost 2,000 Journey Encounters across 16 different regions, including huge cities teeming with people, thick jungle overrun by beasts, haunted lands ruled by a malicious Vampire Lord,  and scorched hellscapes ruled by demons and monstrosities.

I really liked the journey rules present in Adventures In Middle-earth and from what we've seen of Uncharted Journeys, it builds on that and turns a lot of those core concepts into something even more in-depth for use with your D&D games. The help that this offers up to Dungeon Masters, I think, is invaluable and would be a great companion to the Untold Encounters Of The Random Kind book that you can pick up from Loke BattleMats.

There's no reason why this can't be tweaked to use with other roleplaying games of course and it should be noted that pre-orders of the physical product (coming later in 2023) do come with a digital PDF right away.

I think this could end up creating lots of fascinating adventure hooks that you weren't even thinking of!

"...a book like this is incredibly good as a toolbox!"

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