Studio Miniatures Preview New Stars Coming To Salute 2017

April 6, 2017 by brennon

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Studio Miniatures have been previewing more of what's on the way for Salute 2017. They have a whole cast of characters for you to use in your skirmishing on the tabletop...

Baba, Henry & The Soul Brothers

Last week they showed off Baba, Henry & The Soul Brothers which might be immediately recognisable to some of you. You know we saw that U-Boat yesterday? I reckon Henry would like a trip on that to fight some Germans.

They were joined by Abraham, Quinn, Corey & Vaz who are also making their way to the tabletop. They'd make for some awesome zombie killers I reckon.

Abraham, Quinn, Corey and Vaz

It's neat seeing the line-up from Studio Miniatures growing and I'm already thinking about how you might be able to get them into skirmish games like 7TV. With stars like these, you need games to make them shine.

Will you be snapping up any of this talent at Salute?

"With stars like these, you need games to make them shine..."

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