Privateer’s Monsterpocalypse New Rules & Previews Hit

July 17, 2018 by brennon

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Privateer Press has shown off more of the new models coming to their reboot of Monsterpocalypse this year. We start with this awesome mech, Zor Maxim.

Zor Maxim Render - Monsterpocalypse

Now that is a mech pulled straight out of your anime/manga dreams. I also get a little bit of a Power Rangers vibe from it too. I think the model is looking awesome though and just the kind of kit you want taking on some of the massive monsters out there.

Gribbly Foes

Talking of big nasty monsters, we got to see some more of those in a recent update too. Cthu'grosh here, for example, is one of the expansion monsters that will be coming to cause terror across the world.

Cthugrosh Render - Privateer Press

This big be-tentacled beast is going to be supported by more of its mutant kind with some smaller monsters joining the set in two expansion packs.

Lords Of Cthul Expansion #1Renders - Monsterpocalypse

Lords Of Cthul Expansion #2 Renders - Monsterpocalypse

All of these are very much feeding into that idea of the Old Gods rising up and trying to bring ruin to civilisation. I do like the sculpts and I think that they would be very easy to paint. Remember of course that the new version of Monsterpocalypse will require both assembly AND painting as opposed to the old edition.

Air Support

Thankfully, when coming up against monsters like these you will have some additional support you can call on with the likes of the Shadow Syndicate flying in to blast some of their foes away.Shadow Syndicate Render - Monsterpocalypse

I love the clear flying bases which have billowing clouds beneath them which helps adds to the dynamic feel of the game on the tabletop. You'd have a lot of fun with these planes as you worked on some bright panel colours and then used pin washes to pick out the lines.

As mentioned above the folks at Privateer Press have also now made the rules for Monsterpocalypse available HERE so you can go and give them a look before the game launches.

Will you be getting in on this revamp of the game?

"I also get a little bit of a Power Rangers vibe from it too..."

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