PSC Games Play Through Britannia’s History In Restored Classic Game

July 11, 2019 by dracs

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PSC Games are heading to Kickstarter today to bring out a new version of the classic historical board game Britannia.

In Britannia, players take control of the varying nations that came to conquer the island of Albion throughout its turbulent history.

Starting in the conflicts of 43 A.D., with the Roman invasions of Britain, up to 1085 A.D. when the Normans proved the last people to successfully invade the British Isles, players seek victory through area control, gaining victory points and seeking to match and surpass the achievement's of the real-life nations.

However, in history every civilisation faces a rise and a fall, and it is up to the  player to judge when they should expand with a nation, and when it is in their best interest to consolidate.

The game is set to contain about two-hundred plastic miniatures, depicting the various peoples that have fought for control of what would become Britain over the years.

More exciting is the addition of a whole new mode of play, Duel Britannia. This mode, which features a new board layout including Ireland, is a faster mode to let two players see who will be dominant.

This is not a game I have come across before in its previous version. It strikes me as the very involved kind of strategy game that is basically going to swallow an entire afternoon. These can be among the most satisfying games to play and the idea of playing out the entire stretch Ancient British history is something that has me very excited to give this a go.

Do you plan to chip in on PSC Games' Kickstarter? 

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