Pulp City Previews New Heroes For Full Effect Campaign

December 8, 2020 by brennon

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Pulp City is looking to bring a bunch of new heroes into the mix for their Pulp superhero tabletop game. They are playing around with exactly how they were going to approach this towards the first half of 2021 but in the run-up, they have a selection of cool heroes to show off.

Amduat - Pulp City

Amduat // Pulp City

The two characters that they have previewed recently included the deadly looking Amduat above who gets an ace looking miniature and the statistics cards to go alongside him. You've also got the rather edgy and decidedly more popular (probably) Zero here. Everyone loves a dude in black and purple combat armour, right?

Zero - Pulp City

Zero // Pulp City

Both of these characters are going to be popping up as part of their Full Effect campaign which should be coming in the early portion of next year. The folks behind Pulp City have been tinkering with exactly what to do for a while now and asked their community what they'd like to see.

It seems like a small campaign is going to be run in 2021 to get used to what's going on with Brexit (who knows!) and then a full campaign for Full Effect later on down the line. When it does fire up it will also include the likes of Riptide here.

Riptide - Pulp City

Riptide // Pulp City

The world of Pulp City seems like a rather fantastic one. I love the style of their characters and how they seem to have garnered a loyal underground fanbase for the game. It certainly seems to do a great job of bringing superhero action to the tabletop and it's one of those games which I wish I knew a bit more about.

Maybe as the new year rolls around we should start looking at something like Pulp City for a bit of extra coverage? Is this a game you play and could you tell us what makes it so fun for you if so?

What do you think of these previews?

"Is this a game you play and could you tell us what makes it so fun for you if so?"

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