Pulp Monsters Partner With Kitbash To Raise Up Pulp City

June 28, 2019 by dracs

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This month saw the announcement from Pulp Monsters that they are partnering with Kitbash Games to bring a new era of development to Pulp City.

Pulp City is a game that pitches teams of super-powered heroes and villains against one another in battles torn straight from the pages of comic books.

Featuring a colourful cast of characters, it is a game that has enjoyed some passionate fan support from gamers.

According to Pulp Monsters' announcement, their partnership with Kitbash will "deliver new miniatures and new game-play choices, rules updates and errata, and regular new online content for Pulp City."

This new partnership between the company that created both the game and its remarkable vision, and a returning creator from Pulp City Supreme Edition, will ensure that Pulp City continues to grow and thrive.

Kitbash expanded upon this, saying that they will be supporting the development of new Pulp City content and miniatures.

Kitbash already have their own super hero game, Supers Unlimited, and one of the things this partnership will do is let them provide Pulp City profiles for their own existing supremes.

Meanwhile, plans are being laid out for Pulp City's currently unreleased miniatures, with news coming about those soon, and new stuff for Pulp City is currently being commissioned. The Pulp city website has also seen some updates, including new content, such as background stories for supremes, and an updated Errata.

It is good to see fresh life being breathed into Pulp City, which has been sadly quiet for quite some time now.

However, I will say that I'm worried what this will mean for the quality of the game's miniatures. Kitbash has some cool, creative characters, but from the brief look I've seen of their models, they don't quite stand toe-to-toe with some of Pulp City's existing sculpts.

Whatever this means for the models, it is still good to see the game getting the support it deserves.

Can you think up a super hero to fit into the streets of Pulp City? 

"Plans are being laid out for Pulp City's currently unreleased miniatures... and new stuff is currently being commissioned."

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