Puppets War Announce New Set Of Nightmare Noggins!

June 21, 2019 by cassn

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Puppets War have us losing sleep with their latest offering of creepy craniums! These horrific heads are designed for 32mm wargaming, ensuring you tabletop is as terrifying as possible!


Aptly named Nightmare Heads, these high-quality resin sculpts are scarily perfect for a number of scenarios, although I think they would make some really cool Warhammer 40K Genestealers. Still, they could be used for a horror set-up, or an invading alien race instead. The important thing is to finish gaming long before bedtime, unless you want these smiling happy faces in your slumber!


These Nightmare Heads are currently available for purchase. So if you think you've done enough sleeping for your lifetime, head over to the Puppets War store now and get yours!

What scenario would you use these spoopy skulls for? Tell us below!

"Smiling happy faces!"

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