PWork Wargames Head Out To Explore The Wasteland

July 15, 2019 by brennon

The Wasteland is calling PWork Wargames to adventure as they release a new mat for you to snap up in various sizes for use in your Post-Apocalyptic and Sci-Fi games.

Wasteland Mat #1 - PWork Wargames

The mat gives you a blank canvas for a ruined and desolate landscape which has been ravaged by nuclear war. It would work very nicely with games like Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and anything that fits into the Mad Max vein!

I would also say that this could also be a good mat choice for a new game like Warcry which is coming out soon. The Chaos Wastes are, by virtue of their name, a wasteland, and so it would work as a good landscape on which to battle.

Wasteland Mat #2 - PWork Wargames

The mat comes in a variety of different sizes as you can see above and you can choose PVC/Vinyl, Neoprene/Rubber or Cloth depending on what you prefer.

What games would you use the new mat for?

"What games would you use the new mat for?"

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