PWork Wargames Explore Their Official Mats For DUST 1947

February 25, 2020 by brennon

PWork Wargames has been working with the team behind DUST 1947 on a series of gaming mats for their game. There are currently six in their collection, each giving you a different theatre of war to battle in.

DUST Official Mats - PWork

Each of the mats has been designed to work with the game mechanics thanks to an overlay which gives you both spots and sections for your soldiers to fight in and around. You'll notice them in more detail as you look at each of the designs.

Alternative Formats

As an update, it should be noted is that you can pick up these mats in either 9 x 12 DUST Squares or with 12 x 12 DUST Squares format. These two formats are now and build on the 6 x 9 DUST Squares that you might know.

So, when you head on over to the webstore section linked above you'll want to choose the specific option that works for you. However, make sure to check out the range of designs below and tell us what you think.

Antarctica Mat - PWork

Babylon Desert - PWork

So, as you can see, each of the designs gives you a fairly blank canvas for you to work with but then develops this with the squared-off sections for your troops and walkers to move through. Obviously this makes the mats very much focused towards DUST 1947 but if you're someone who plays the game quite regularly then you'll appreciate this overlay.

Golden Triangle - PWork

Overlord - PWork

Peenemunde - PWork

DUST 1947 still seems to be a very popular game now that it has found an even keel and they are pumping out all manner of releases each month. With that in mind, and all of their factions getting a look in over the past few months, having different places to get stuck into combat seems like a nice idea.

You are able to check out the entire range here and also explore some of the different sizes they have to offer too. All of the mats are presented in PVC/Vinyl and have a good finish to them as you'll have noted from our previous coverage of the company.

Are you tempted to check out these mats?

"Each of the mats has been designed to work with the game mechanics..."

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