Quest For The Grail With Studio Miniatures New Releases

August 19, 2019 by brennon

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Studio Miniatures has introduced three new sets into the mix for their wonderful range which takes us on a trip back down nostalgia lane. We start with The Swamp Lord & Son.

The Swamp Lord & Son - Studio Miniatures

This addition to the cast could make for some good NPCs to use in both your Fantasy and Historical games. Or, you could use them in a bit of a quirky comedic setting akin to their origins. Perhaps the Swamp Lord and his Son have come a cropper of this pair of angry Peasants!

The Peasants - Studio Miniatures

Last but not least we might have some saviours on hand with the addition of The Sisterhood Of Purity who are no doubt going to be looking after your weary soldiers when they've been out questing for a good long while.

The Sisterhood Of Purity - Studio Miniatures

I'm sure some of you will have guessed exactly where these characters are from. I didn't properly get it until I saw The Peasant set and then everything twigged!

These new sets are looking fun for those who want to delve back in time and also great for others who want to add something different into the mix for their Fantasy and Historical games.

Check out lots more from their Medieval Mayhem range to get your full dose of Python-esque fun.

What do you make of these new characters?

"What do you make of these new characters?"

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