Raging Heroes Embrace War With Xar-Khali The Wrath Caster

January 23, 2020 by brennon

Raging Heroes has been showing off a new addition to their Blood Tribes collection. See what you make of the brutal Xar-Khali The Wrath Caster, a new addition to any force which embraces the fury of war.

Xar Khali The Wrath Caster - Raging Heroes

Here is some of the background behind this rather terrifying looking caster for use in your chaotic hordes...

"Summoning forces of darkness past, Xar-Kahli the Wrath Caster weaves the spirits of the Ancients with the blood of vanquished enemies to unleash terrible storms of wrath and fury upon the Furianns' opponents. On her magical staff, skulls pulsate and shriek as from their eyes and mouths pours the blood of slain enemies. Only Xar-Kahli can shape this unholy flow into a whirlwind of wrath and death. Be ready to face the rage of the Furiann's Shaman..."

The model is looking rather good up there in render form but we also have a peek at the kit as you'll get it from Raging Heroes. You can get a look at the model in its full final form here...



They have even provided some helpful hints on cutting the model off the sprue so that you can assemble it properly.

Xar Khali The Wrath Caster Bits - Raging Heroes

I really like the model and because of the nature of chaos, she would work either in the grimdark future or a fantasy realm. I like the idea of using her alongside some of the warbands from Warcry for Age Of Sigmar.

Because of the swirling power around her, I think she would benefit from a paint scheme which added in a lot of object source lighting into the mix. Imagine her bathed in a terrible blood-coloured glow, giving you a sense of the power that she wields.

Are you tempted to snap up this lady?

"Imagine her bathed in a terrible blood-coloured glow, giving you a sense of the power that she wields..."

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