Take On The Life Of A Raider In Conan The Brigand From Modiphius

April 3, 2019 by brennon

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Modiphius has released a new supplement for their Conan Roleplaying Game which has you taking on the life of a raider and reaver. Check out Conan The Brigand which is now available in PDF and Physical form.

Conan The Brigand - Modiphius

Included in this book you'll find plenty of options for Brigand-based castes, telling stories within this setting alongside additional background and equipment options. You'll even be able to build your own band of brigands, raiders and thieves.

  • A gazetteer covering the kingdoms that Conan and his brigands raided — Khauran, Turan, and the city-state of Zamboula.
  • Descriptions of important dignitaries and renegades of the region, including Lord of Khawarizm, Kings Yezdigerd and Yildiz of Turan, Shah Amurath, Queen Taramis and her devilish twin sister Salome, Constantius the Hawk, Baal-ptor the Strangler of Yota-pong, the notorious pirate Sergius of Krosha, and the roguish Zaraporaskan rogue Olgerd Vladislav.
  • Beasts and unnatural monsters — vultures, iron statues, desert devils, gigantic rukh, and the Devil in Iron himself, Khosatral Khel.
  • A guide to running brigand campaigns, with all-new rules for raiding and plunder, and brigand-themed carousing events to fill the time between raids.
  • Gods and magic of the nomadic lands, including cults of Erlik, Ishtar, Tarim, and Yazadi, and magic artefacts such as the legendary Tulwar of Amir Khurum.
  •  A write-up of Conan during the period he lived and breathed the brigand life, along with his most notorious followers.
  • Guidelines for running a desert nomad camp, recruiting brigands, surviving in the hostile environments of the southeast, and descriptions of the rewards and dangers of raiding.

Do you think you'll be snapping this up to add into your Conan collection? It would be pretty awesome to delve in and be able to build all manner of different takes on the Conan legend I reckon.

What do you think?

"You'll even be able to build your own band of brigands, raiders and thieves..."

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