Ramshackle Trundle Along With The Battle Dog & Pug Tanks

May 30, 2014 by brennon

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Ramshackle Games have taken to Kickstarter to fund the production of two tanks. See what you think of both the Battle Dog and the Pug which will be blowing holes in defences across the battlefield with a range of armaments...


Battle Dog (Alt)

Battle Dog (Alt #2)

As you can see they have a range of different alternatives already. Each of the tanks is going to be made for 28mm scale so you could easily take a lot of these and use them with an Ork army I reckon. A bit of chopping and changing could make these really awesome.

Pug #1

Pug #2

On a smaller scale we have the chunky looking Pug that look awesome adorned with Grots I reckon. Of course I have been going on about Orks but it would be awesome to see these mixed in with some Imperial tanks as well. You can still head over to Kickstarter and get pledging for these.

Do you like these tanks?

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