Ravanna Art & Renders Pop Up For The Drowned Earth

July 19, 2018 by brennon

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The Drowned Earth has produced another preview for one of their upcoming characters. Here we have the artwork for Ravanna...

Ravanna Art - The Drowned Earth

This is then matched up with the render work for her which is looking suitably awesome. When it comes to a deadly wild woman I think Ravanna has got it all sewn up. Here you can see the render for her showing off a lot of faithfulness to the artwork.

Ravanna Render - The Drowned Earth

She reminds me of a mix between Furiosa and Princess Leia (although I think that second bit might just be the hair). She is exceptionally badass and we won't have long to wait until she pops up amongst the rest of their quirky cast in The Drowned Earth.

Will you be picking her up?

"She reminds me of a mix between Furiosa and Princess Leia..."

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