Ready to Join in on the Morland Studios Kickstarter?

August 10, 2012 by brennon

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Morland Studios pride themselves on having some fantastically well sculpted miniatures based of famous artwork. But now they need a little more money to help fund some big projects and some big miniatures. To Kickstarter!

Kreimhild's Revenge 54mm

Above is an example of what they want to achieve, creating 54mm sculpts in superb quality. This is just one of the already finished models but they intend to do far more from the Howard David Johnson art line...

Queen Cinderella

Justita - Roman Goddess of Justice

Joan of Arc

Art like the pieces above is intended for the sculptor and it could bring some fantastic pieces to the industry. The target has already been smashed on the Kickstarter but they could always use more.

Go check it out, look at some of their other work and seriously consider pledging.

What do you make of Morland Studios miniatures?

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