Red Box Games is Back With More Heroic Miniatures

October 13, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Red Box Games is back on Kickstarter looking for help with funding to create some more heroic miniatures.

Red Box Games

This time they are looking to produce some heroes that can be Viking-ish? According to the designer he has the sculpts already completed and is looking for the funding to produce the molds and the casting costs.

Ingvar the Brash

Lord Edgar Chalmsford of Swithingkeep

Oswalt of Swithingkeep

The miniatures do look pretty good and the details are nice. He states that they will be cast out of white metal, so let's hope the detail remains as good. He believes that with his current contractors he can have the items delivered by January 2015 if under 30 miniatures models are created during this Kickstarter. If the model count goes over 30-35 then he is thinking more like February/March. He has met his funding goal already and is doing real well in the stretch goal department. This amounts he is asking seem reasonable, and I would like to get in on this, but a certain Venetian Kickstarter has taken a lot of my gaming funds. But, if you are looking for some really nice sculpts for your fantasy or even dark age game these might be just the ones.

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