Perry Miniatures Release A Host Of Napoleonic Models For May

May 8, 2018 by brennon

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Perry Miniatures has produced a range of new product for your Napoleonic forces this month. We start off with some of the Danish additions including some 6pdr Cannons.

Danish Cannon #1 - Perry Miniatures

You can get your hands on the different cannon options as they are both loading and firing their weapons.

Danish Cannon #2 - Perry Miniatures

I somewhat like the idea of working with these and actually being that pedantic as to start each turn with them loading their cannons, only to swap things around and have them in their fired state when they have actually loosed their shot. It would do nothing but infuriate my opponent I don't doubt but it would look very cool!

French Heads

You are also going to be able to buy some conversion parts which can be used with existing plastic kits. For example, here we have the Heads For Early Hussars/Shakos With Side Plumes.

French Cavalry Options #1 - Perry Miniatures

And, if that doesn't work for you then you can also get alternative heads for Gardes d'Honneur if you prefer.

French Cavalry Options #2 - Perry Miniatures

All of them work with the existing plastic kits that Perry Miniatures produce and give you more options for upgrading your force. It was at this point, as I was looking through the new releases, that I realised that I was very much out of my depth as there are SO many different styles and periods to consider here.

Portuguese Reinforcements

A whole range of infantry models for the Portuguese have also been made available so if you want to play as this relatively smaller force in your games you now have plenty of new options.

Portuguese Infantry - Perry Miniatures

However, the coolest piece of kit that Perry Miniatures has added to their range this month has to be the Telegraph Station.

Portugese Telegraph Station - Perry Miniatures

These simple structures were made to be as simple as possible so that you could dismantle them and carry them off if the enemy was coming too close. As the Perry twins says, this could be a good model for an objective as your scouting force is trying to cut communications between the Portuguese commanders and the rest of their army.

If you want to check out the new miniatures in full you can see what's new for each faction here with the Portuguese, Danish-Norwegian, and French forces.

Which sets will you be picking up?

"...there are SO many different styles and periods to consider here"

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