Dark Age Releases For May Include New Master Rulebook

May 19, 2017 by brennon

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Dark Age welcomes another raft of releases this month to add to their world of desperate danger and turmoil. Leading the way, however, is something a little more ordered as they have a new Master Rulebook for you to snap up.

Dark Age Master Rulebook

This new Master Rulebook for 2017 hasn't been made for the sake of it. They are focused on trying to make the rules as clear as possible, so they cross the line between 'as written' and 'as intended'. The cover also looks very good indeed and I love the embossed detail to it.

So, what's inside?

  • A great overview of the setting for Dark Age, and background for each of the factions.
  • A tight set of rules that will be very familiar to existing players and easy to grasp for new players. Note: All of your current models and their stat cards are still all viable options for your gaming.
  • A set of tested scenarios that you can use for friendly games or for competitive play in a tournament setting.

You can also pick up this book as a free download HERE if you would prefer. The same goes for their new set of Secondary Objectives as that deck can now be downloaded HERE.

While it's never great to have to face new rules, this seems like a good compromise to keep the game ticking over.


Now we turn to one of my favourites races from Dark Age, the Dragyri. They are getting two new boxes with the first being the Lost Characters.

The Dragyri Lost Characters

The Earth Caste and the Fire Caste are returning to the tabletop with these two impressive characters that we looked at on last week's Weekender show...

"Jza’Mhi, once Arbiter of the Fire Caste, was brutally attacked by the usurper Rath’Zhi and sent spiralling into the abyss – but he survived. His body transformed and partially consumed by the xenosathic crystals central to Dragyri shamanism, Jza’Mhi is the Fury Rekindled and has returned. He emerges from the darkness alongside Ghrakun, Herald of Tenacity, a leader amongst the long absent Earth Caste.

Between his mighty hammer and the Fury’s erratic mystic abilities, the past has returned with a vengeance!"

The Dragyri are also embracing a frozen world too as they get themselves a Blizzard Unit Box.

The Dragyri Blizzard Unit Box

"Deadly warriors of the Dragyri Ice Caste, Blizzards are ferocious fighters armed with twin axes made from hand-carved and sharpened crystals. In their hands these weapons shear through armor and flesh like water, leaving behind ruined, half-frozen corpses in their wake.

When combined with their command of shamanic ice energies, Blizzards are something all Dragyri enemies will try to avoid!"

The Dragyri has always had some of the coolest looking characters, even when it comes to their basic line troops, and these are no different.


The CORE hasn't been left out as they also have a new box containing the CORE Menials.

Core Menials

This Menials Set gives you all of the basic troops that you'd need to get stuck into the game and begin playing as these mechanical marvels. It's certainly an interesting faction and I would recommend looking back over some of our videos we did with them in the Dark Age Hub to find out more.

What will you be picking up?

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