Renegade Drop More Details On 5E Wardlings Campaign Guide

February 18, 2020 by brennon

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Renegade Game Studios has been talking more about their upcoming Campaign Guide for the Wardlings world which first appeared in miniature form from the team at WizKids. Pre-orders are open now ahead of a May release.

Wardlings Campaign Guide - Renegade Game Studios

This new campaign guide is going to be a setting which brings WizKids's collection of young adventurers and their familiars to life. Across the lands of Or'Mya, the youth are able to perceive magical creatures and events in the world around them so they must take it upon themselves to try and stop the dark goings-on of monsters and more.

Within the hardback book, you'll find options for creating a unique range of characters with new core class options and more. Magic, or Oor, is infused into everything within the world and so each class will be able to benefit from it in some form, adding a new level of fantastical awesomeness to the affair.  As well as regular humans in Wardlings you'll also find the likes of the Finfolk, Midbari, Snowcaps and Squatch which give you a whole range of new peoples to explore and play as.

The range of miniatures from WizKids also features a selection of familiars who fight alongside your characters and they are able to draw on magical powers as well. They can help you in the heat of battle or perhaps just on the road as you're wandering through dark forests. Plus, they keep you safe when danger calls and will whisk you away when death comes knocking at the hands of a monstrous troll!

Wardlings Character - WizKids

As well as heroes, the team at WizKids has also been working on a selection of monsters and such that your Wardlings will be able to go up against. No doubt we'll be able to learn more about these creatures as part of the campaign guide and within the regular Monster Manual too.

Wardlings Wave 4 - WizKids

It seems like Wardlings is going to be great for younger gamers who want to dive into roleplaying at the tabletop and those who are young at heart. I have to say that what we're seeing from WizKids in terms of the pre-paints are pretty awesome and they should be a great starting point for those looking to head off on an adventure. There is a diverse array of different options which should mean any kid, regardless of who they are, should be able to see themselves on the tabletop.

I am very interested to give this one a read to see what Elisa Teague has done with the well-loved 5E system.

"There is a diverse array of different options which should mean any kid, regardless of who they are, should be able to see themselves on the tabletop..."

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