Get Your Rumbleslam On With TTCombat’s Three New Wrestlers

October 14, 2020 by brennon

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Some more Rumbleslam goodness is coming your way from the folks at TTCombat soon as they prepare to introduce three more 32mm wrestlers into the ring. The preview for this week shows off three very different competitors who are ready to stir up the crowd.

Belleza Agua - TTCombat

Belleza Agua // Rumbleslam

We lead with Belleza Agua who doesn't enter the ring as a proper brawler but instead fills the role of a supporting character. She can also use her powers to control water and drown those who are knocked down. That sounds seriously grim to me!

Next up we've got a flying Halfling with Maggie making a name for herself in the ring.

Maggie - TTCombat

Maggie // Rumbleslam

Maggie can use her transmorphing abilities to use her vine snare attack on her opponents whilst also rooting herself to the ground so she can't be tossed about. As with many Halflings, she also comes with a cunning set of special skills you'll need to check out for yourself to help her out in a ring dominated by larger individuals.

Finally, we have the very odd-looking and yet exceptionally intriguing El Mecanico!

El Mecanico - TTCombat

El Mecanico // Rumbleslam

This fellow is a giant demon who is able to beat down many an opposition thanks to his exceptional strength. He is also joined routinely by his quick-witted skeleton friend who shares drinks and helps him out during tight encounters in the ring. Certainly a very interesting and unique addition to the Rumbleslam arena.

If you're into the weird world of Rumbleslam then these will no doubt be a fresh dose of awesomeness. It would be fun to see how they fight on the tabletop!

Are you interested in these three new wrestlers?

"Are you interested in these three new wrestlers?"

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