Sally 4th Explore Classic Movies In Whiteout Kickstarter

July 9, 2019 by brennon

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Sally 4th is on Kickstarter right now as they dive into a campaign all about creating miniatures for those that love their movies set out in the colds of an arctic Whiteout.

Classic Movie Miniatures Whiteout - Sally 4th

Here are some words from Sally 4th about just what this campaign focuses in on...

"The miniatures were Inspired by two of my favourite spy movies, the first one opened with some cheesy one-liners and an adrenaline-filled ski chase sequence, the second featuring a submarine breaking through the ice pack to supposedly offer assistance to an arctic research station in distress, however, these miniatures are sufficiently versatile to serve in a wide range of pulp and spy-fi based games."

I think you will most likely already be able to tell which films these particular miniatures were drawn from, but to give you another chance to delve deeper we picked out some of the miniature showcases from the campaign.

Whiteout The Cast - Sally 4th

As well as working towards a set of special characters and foes for you to use in your games the campaign is also building up a selection of vehicles too which are key for those high-speed adrenaline-pumping moments in the game.

Whiteout The Vehicles - Sally 4th

Included alongside the range of models, the team have also worked on a new set of rules for Whiteout which allow you to play out games in this setting.

Whiteout Rules - Sally 4th

The game is focused around lots of replayability which is good to see. I like anything which engages either the solo or cooperative audience too. I think if you're interested in your Pulp-style wargaming on the tabletop this is one to keep an eye on.

Can you name the iconic films represented here?

"Can you name the iconic films represented here?"

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