Sally 4th Lay Down Some Covering Fire In Albedo (ACP)

December 16, 2019 by brennon

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Sally 4th has been showing off some new releases for the Sci-Fi and Anthropomorphic world of Albedo Combat Patrol. We lead with a new character model, ILR Officer, Captain Tasta.

ILR Officer Capt Tasta - Albedo

This gives you a new character that you could use potentially as part of a scenario. I like the idea that she is someone that you need to escort through a firefight so that she can get her information to someone higher up the chain. Either that or she could be dropped in as more of an active combatant as you could always strap a sidearm to her so she can fight back.

Grenades Go Boom

Talking of fighting back, we also have the addition of the EDF Automatic Grenade Launcher & Operator which gives you a little bit more firepower.

EDF Automatic Grenade Launcher & Operator - Albedo

You could have this mounted towards the more defensible end of your set-up, laying down covering fire as your soldiers move through the streets. Anyone would be put off by a massive grenade launcher raining down explosive shells on them from afar.

If you're looking to support Captain Tasta in her endeavours then that is where the ILR Special Assault Squad might come into the mix. You could very easily have them be the squad which is guiding her through a complex or warzone.

ILR Special Assault Squad - Albedo

The set comes with enough bits to make eight new soldiers who can be armed with all manner of different weapons. These look rather cool and I get a sense that they are a lot more deadly than your regular rank and file troopers. The helmets which give them a very shadowy look certainly help in that regard.

What do you make of these new models?

"Anyone would be put off by a massive grenade launcher raining down explosive shells on them from afar..."

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