Save Magical Creatures In Solo Play Card Game Crystallo

May 2, 2019 by cassn

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Crystallo is an award-winning solo abstract puzzle game that's brimming with mystical crystals, magical creatures, and a Black Dragon to vanquish!


Crystallo won an absolute wealth of awards in the 2018 BGG Solitare Print-and-Play Contest, including Best Overall Game, Best Original Artwork, Best New Designer, and Best Puzzle Abstract! Now the game has come to Kickstarter, in both print-and-play and physical format.


In Crystallo, players must match crystal cards in order to free magical creatures from capture. Crystals can be matched in four different ways, but must be strategically placed to ensure all creatures can be freed.


Once all creatures are free, players can take on the Black Dragon. Match the correct crystals and collect the creature orbs of power to trap the black dragon and save the kingdom!


Usually, I'm not a massive fan of solo-play gaming, but Crystallo is an engaging design with utterly stunning artwork and really cool gameplay. It was fully funded in five hours, and with good reason. Check it out here.

Do you/would you own any games which are exclusively solo play? 

"Trap the black dragon and save the kingdom!"

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