Scibor’s Next Dwarf Bears Its Banner With Pride

August 18, 2017 by dracs

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Scibor are working on a new Dwarf Bear Rider, and it looks like this one is set to be among the leaders of the force.

Dwarf on Bear Front

Scibor have come out with quite a grand sculpt for this one. Combine with that base, it should loom over the rest of the army, making it the perfect model to carry your standard.

Dwarf on Bear

However, I do have one question. How did the bear get up there? I know bears are usually good climbers, but that bear looks too bulky.

I like to think it climbed up there without the dwarf telling it to, and now they're stuck.

Would you hand the banner to this dwarf?

"The perfect model to carry your standard."

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