Scrap For Honour With Perry Miniatures’ Upcoming Duellists

June 24, 2024 by brennon

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Alan Perry of Perry Miniatures has been working on a fun new 28mm vignette for your Napoleonic wargames. Some Duellists and their seconds are on the way, dressed in different orders of dress, perfect for a diorama or to spice up your skirmish games.

Duellists - Perry Miniatures

Duellists // Perry Miniatures

The set comes with French Hussars for the most part, either watching as the duel takes place or taking part in a bit of swashbuckling. As Perry Miniatures themselves say in the preview, this would be great for those looking for a new painting project.

Duellists Details - Perry Miniatures

Duellists Details // Perry Miniatures

As well as being good for those wanting a new diorama to paint, these would also be good for a bit of skirmish gaming. The two duellists would be perfect for a game like Chosen Men or The Silver Bayonet and the onlookers would also be great options to build on the narrative. I also really like that adorable cart on the barrel.

Are you going to be picking up this set when it releases?

"The two duellists would be perfect for a game like Chosen Men or The Silver Bayonet..."

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