Scribor Monstrous Miniatures Release new Elven Figures

April 12, 2019 by cassn

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Scibor Monstrous Miniatures are bringing the ethereal and immortal to the tabletop with three new elven releases.

This Wood Elf Sorceress is a towering figure of the power of nature. Primed and ready to attack, she is ready to lay waste to anyone who crosses her path.


By her side is the Wood Elf Lord in a dynamic mid-attack pose which is pretty cool with some pretty fabulous locks blowing in the wind - clearly he and his Sorceress attend the same hairdresser. However, I feel like in battle long hair might be a hindrance - If anyone has an elf-scrunchie, I know an in-need Elf Lord who could use it.


However, if you're more sci-fi than fantasy but still enjoy the hairstyles of the elven community, this Sci-Fi Elf Lord is perfect to add to your tabletop game. I really love the design on the cloak and sword, however, I am mildly perturbed by the spear. Is that a mould of his own face? Is it someone else's face? Some questions are better unanswered.


So if your tabletop needs some elven influence, head on over to Scibor Monstrous Miniatures website now for a closer look.

Which of these Elven miniatures do you like the best? Tell us below!

"Perfect to add to your tabletop game!"

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