Sea Serpents & Dragonlords Released For Lucid Eye’s Toon Realms

November 13, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has continued to add to their Toon Realms range with some new monsters, characters and more. Leading the way we're looking to Rab The Terrible and Lill McGill who have appeared in deep water to enact some quirky plan.

Rab The Terrible & Lill McGill - Lucid Eye

Rab The Terrible is another of the new miniatures sculpted by Trish Carden and shows off that she has some amazing skill when it comes to designing these cartoon creatures. I like the idea that you'd base up the body of Rab separately and have your heroes trying to find out where it is amongst a big dark lake whilst Lill McGill looks to fool and trick you.

Maybe in this scenario, one of the characters that comes to help you is the one and only GannGann The Gannetlord. He has sensed a disturbance down by the lake and so wanders down from his fort to find out what all the fuss is about.

Gannetlord - Lucid Eye

Of course, Rookie is going to be involved in some way and his friends will no doubt be joining him on this adventure. Maybe at this point Rookie will have levelled up within the story and so you could snag the Dragonlord version of him?

Rookie The Dragonlord - Lucid Eye

His Elven buddies have also been given a boost too, able to serve by his side as the Dragonlads.

Rookie's Dragonlads - Lucid Eye

I'm getting so many cool ideas for Saturday Morning Cartoon-style scenarios to play out with these models. I think they would, as we've said before, be perfect for getting younger gamers into Fantasy worlds and letting them know what wargaming and role-playing is all about.

Considering how 'blocked out' the sections of these models are you could let your younger gamers go wild with the paints too and they'd probably do a pretty awesome job of it!

What do you think of the newest releases by Lucid Eye?

"Maybe in this scenario, one of the characters that comes to help you is the one and only GannGann The Gannetlord..."

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