Shambling Scions Of The Sand Join The World Of Twisted

June 3, 2019 by brennon

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The folks at Demented Games have released two new miniatures for the Scions Of The Sand faction in Twisted. Take a peek at the Scarab Mummy and the Rotten Mummy.

Rotten & Scarab Mummies #1 - Twisted

Both of these wrapped up creatures have been summoned from the depths of the underworld to serve their masters once again. These characters are both priests and warriors from ages past who have been called back into service.

Rotten & Scarab Mummies #2 - Twisted

Each of these miniatures have been sculpted by Lux Thantor, scaled to 32mm. Both of these models are rather impressive additions to your faction and are most likely going to cause carnage.

Rotten & Scarab Mummies #3 - Twisted

The sculpting that these folks bring to the tabletop is top notch and there's always oodles of character mixed into them, from head to toe. I think these are going to be brilliant when painted too!

What do you think of these two new models?

"I think these are going to be brilliant when painted too!"

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