Forja Profana Shows Off More Of Woloszyn’s Amazing Sculpts

September 26, 2017 by brennon

Forja Profana continues to show off some more of the stunning sculpts by Boris Wolosyzn Miniatures over on their Facebook Page.


Leading the way we have this Illithid Sorcerer above. Now, anyone who is a fan of Critical Role (I know we have some Critters out there) will immediately be thinking about him as Clarota from the show as Vox Machine headed down into the Underdark in search of Lady Kima.

For anyone else, this would make for an awesome alternative party member perhaps, or of course as the enemy that you have to fight at the end of a long journey into the darkness of a dungeon.

Werewolves & Crones

As well as this creature they also showed off this impressive Werewolf which looks to be a warrior who was unfortunately bitten by one of these feral beasts.


I like the idea of including him in your games as a faithful friend and ally until one night where he shifts and warps into this creature and you have to decide about killing him or trying to save him.

We also have this awesome take on Baba Yaga too.

Baba Yaga

Maybe a character worth dropping into your world, out there in the wilds perhaps. I think the detail work and sculpting by Boris is fantastic and shows off an astounding level of skill that really brings both characters and monsters to life.

Wil you be keeping an eye on his work going forward?

"...this would make for an awesome alternative party member perhaps?"

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