SJ Games Brings New OGRE Battlefields To The Tabletop On Kickstarter

December 8, 2018 by brennon

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Steve Jackson Games are back on Kickstarter with another OGRE project although this one isn't quite so vast. This time around they're working to provide new Battlefields, Units and Ogres for you to use on the tabletop.

OGRE Battlefields - SJ Games

The main premise of the project is to get these massive game boards designed for you to play OGRE on. They stretch to 28.5" x 332 on the tabletop.

OGRE Battlefields Maps - SJ Games

The scale of them has been worked so that they will be good with not just counters but also miniatures too and there are also Stretch Goals and Add-Ons which will feed into this with more overlays and the option to make these single-sided boards so you can assemble more together into a larger playing space.

There will also be a focus on some new units...

OGRE Battlefields Units - SJ Games

...and also some new Ogre designs like the Ninja which is available again after the original campaign.

OGRE Battlefields Night - SJ Games

There will also be a Vulcan and a Fencer-B included plus more Marines too if that is what you need to bulk up your force.

I must admit that I'm not very caught up with just what it's like to play OGRE or indeed the world around it but it has always generated a buzz when it has been shown off.

Let me know if you're excited to back this campaign too.

Drop your thoughts below...

"They stretch to 28.5" x 332 on the tabletop..."

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