Take To The Skies For The Aether War In Age Of Sigmar Soon

December 27, 2019 by brennon

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Christmas is coming to a close and there are so now there are plenty of goodies for you to check out from Games Workshop as 2020 rolls in. Starting things off we have the beginning of the Aether War for Age Of Sigmar as the Kharadron Overlords clash with the Disciples Of Tzeentch.

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The newest release is going to see a clash between these two forces as they battle in the clouds. There are plenty of riches for you to pilfer and call your own if you can brave the power of Chaos which is infused into the very air you breathe.

Some new models are making their way into the mix with this new set including this Magister On Disc Of Tzeentch who can keep pace with their creations and meddles with magic which turns foes into moaning Chaos Spawn.

Disciples Of Tzeentch - Age Of Sigmar

For the Kharadron Overlords, you've also got the Endrinmaster With Dirigible Suit who is also taking to the skies as a new hero for this faction. Not only is he armed to the teeth but he's armoured up as well making sure he can take a harsh buffeting from the realms he is exploring.

Kharadron Overlords - Age Of Sigmar

It all sounds very cool indeed and I like the look of the two models they have been working on for this set. It's nice to see what this new box pits two very different armies against each other and also brings new Battletomes and such into the mix too. This seems like a nice way to introduce these updated factions into the mix, pushing the story forward in some way too.

Are you tempted to pick up these new heroes and their armies when the set releases?

"Are you tempted to pick up these new heroes and their armies when the set releases?"

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